Designer, Illustrator and Artist.
Wholefood aficionado.
Semi-retired fisherman.

Kevin is a Kiwi/English hybrid who left home to explore his English roots, only returning to New Zealand periodically to refresh his mangled vowel sounds, and remember what it's like to acquire a suntan. However, he is immensely grateful to the UK climate for its suspension of the ageing process.

He ran his own design consultancy for the best part of 12 years; working to develop authentic and engaging expressions of Brand and Identity with a variety of entrepreneurial self-starters. Alongside this he worked as a UX Designer/Information Architect at Digit; a UI/UX designer for Swissair in Zurich; in-house designer at the V&A and currently Senior Designer at leading London digital agency Delete. Drawing is his first love, though this was largely supplanted when his daughter Teia Jade Margaret arrived on the scene, now four years old.

Another string to his bow is food. More particularly, the cooking and sharing of it. He has trained extensively in wholefood cooking, completing a year long 'Mastery of Cooking' certificate, and managed a series of seasonal cooking classes at a London-based culinary school. He runs which is a paean to the delights of engagement with food and cooking, though these days the site is likely to feature a reduced selection of family meals hastily prepared in the middle of a bedtime routine.



"When Kevin started working with the Vietnamese Kitchen, the three (now four) restaurants had little or no brand identity and certainly no connection between the different restaurants. He immediately worked on an analysis of the restaurants, finding their story and creating a look for each restaurant site that connected the different restaurants and bringing them together under one umbrella without making them look a chain. Suddenly if you were sitting on Shoreditch you somehow felt there was a similarity to the experience you'd had in Soho.


"Kevin was instrumental in creating our brand and identity. When we first started to plan for this project, we looked at a number of companies to help us develop our brand. What set Kevin apart is that he took a true interest in finding out about who we are and what our needs may be.  He is perceptive, dedicated and holistic in his approach. He asked a lot of questions and really got to know us. As a result, he was able to create a brand that really spoke to who we are. We ourselves were not aware of it then. He saw it before we did.

Today, years after, we can look and assess results of our new brand. The tremendous success is undeniable and the numbers speak for themselves. We had double digit growth in revenue in the period from 2009-2013, after we launched our brand in May 2009. Granted, we provide quality service but in order to distinguish ourselves from the competition in 30 countries of Eastern Europe, we needed a new image. Kevin helped us accomplish this, with much success."