KeuCity_1_580px KeuCity_2_580px KeuCity_3_580px KeuCity_4_580px KeuCity_5_580px KeuCity_6_580px KeuCity_7_580px KeuCity_8_580px KeuCity_9_580px KeuCity_10_580px KeuCity_11_580px KeuCity_13_580px KeuCity_14_580px KeuCity_16_580px Images of the recently launched KÊU City branch in London Wall, featuring expansion of the original Keu Brand and Identity design I developed. The new location features a stunning interior concept created by Katy Manolescue of Article, with whom I worked closely on interior and external graphic and signage design. Brand communication strategy and design was developed in collaboration with Clare Lattin of 84 Buckingham Rd. Thanks to longstanding clients Hieu, Nghia and the Vietnamese Kitchen team for their collaboration, and the opportunity to expand on the KÊU vision, and bring it to life in such a vibrant and successful way. Photography: Adam Luszniak.